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Fruits frais prédécoupés

Les enfants préfèrent les fruits frais prédécoupés à la cantine

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Product life cycle

The ready-to-eat salad : from the fields to the plate

How does your sachet of salad manage to keep its freshness, taste and crispy texture all the way to your plate? Thanks to a production process conceived by Florette for its ready-to-eat salads, fruits and vegetables. The production of fresh salads takes place in the open air or underground according to the season and region. Then the salads are harvested at the ideal moment and transported to one of our transformation units by refrigerated trucks.

The quality, size of leaves and temperature are scrupulously checked, then the salads are trimmed and washed, they are put into sachets and sent to the shops the same day. The ready-to-eat salad is immediately placed on the shop shelves and available for purchase. Taste one with a light sauce, small pieces of walnuts or cheese. Dress your salad according to your desires and let your culinary imagination run free !


Our salads are harvested in the early morning before the sun is too strong.


The procurement is done in refrigerated trucks.

Quality control

Factory trained operators on grading, take delivery of the raw material, control the temperature of the products, leaf size and color salads. The products that do not match the standards are removed and returned to the grower.

Trimming / Washing

Damaged outer leaves and stem are removed either mechanically or manually. Then, the salad leaves are washed by a shower system or bath. Salad leaves are rinsed by spraying or a shower.


Salad leaves go up through a staircase and fall into a bag which is then welded. Then, the bags pass through a metal detector one by one, to ensure that no metal parts are present in the product.


After bagging, the products are sent to the order preparation area. The cartons are taken, according to the FIFO (First In First Out) and filmed mechanically. Shipment of products is done during the day. The products are transported in refrigerated trucks.

Stocking of store shelves

Once the products are delivered, salads are made available in the fresh food aisle.


Purchase and consumption of products.