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Fruits frais prédécoupés

Les enfants préfèrent les fruits frais prédécoupés à la cantine

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Our fields

Discover our salad production crops !

Florette pays the greatest attention to the choice of fields destined for the production of its fresh salads.

The agricultural plots are selected by taking into account their suitability for the different types of salads (lettuce, chicory, escarole…) and different production seasons. A minimal rotation between two plantations of the same variety is equally vital.

The history and environment of the salad fields are also taken into consideration in our production guidelines, in order to guarantee the best soil for our salads and avoid risks of contamination by sources of animal origin or from potential sources of pollution or impurities from nearby zones.

Tests are carried out to better adapt the use of fertilizers and avoid any excess, in particular, in the use of nitrates.

Florette’s respect of requirements and recommendations is regularly verified by internal and external audits. Traceability of our farmers’ practices is assured for each delivered product. Discover in pictures our salad production fields in territories as diverse as Mont-Saint-Michel bay, the Saint-Rémy de Provence region or Alicante in Spain.