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Florette Agricola

The growers incorporated into Florette

The company’s purpose is to provide high-quality fresh salads to Florette Ibérica locally, but also to supply other countries in Europe when local supplies are no longer available, particularly in winter. Florette Agricola is made up of a team of enthusiastic agronomists and growers. It is actively dedicated to defending values such as customer service, product quality, innovation, respect for the environment, ethics and developing its business! All underpinned by sound growing sense and pragmatism.

Florette Agricola - Map

Florette Agricola complies with all the quality criteria demanded by Florette: Global Gap and LEAF certification as well as the Florette system of reference.  

It is also a “Model Farm” for some of our clients, at the cutting edge of development (the irrigation system has made it possible to slash water usage by 20%. The use of organic compost has also made it possible to disinfect the soil. Florette Agricola takes great care to protect the local wildlife on each one of its farms). 

Florette Agricola is the front ranking and largest producer of watercress in Spain.