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Fruits frais prédécoupés

Les enfants préfèrent les fruits frais prédécoupés à la cantine

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A farming and agri-food cooperative Group



Carte Florette

The members of the Agrial Vegetables OP, Florette’s long standing partners, are located in the region covered by the co-operative, i.e. Lower Normandy and adjoining Départements in five main catchment areas: the West Coast, Saint-Michel, Val de Saire, Calvados and the Sarthe.

Remove soon after being set up, Florette attracted the interest of Casam (one of the three cooperatives which were to found Agrial in 2000). The small company bordering the Channel interested Agrial’s market gardeners for its close location and innovative fresh salad packaging methods offering an ideal market access.

The Agrial Vegetables OP set up a network of 180 producers committed, with the Cooperative and Florette, to an environmentally friendly form of agriculture while still remaining competitive.

In 2013, 81% of the production areas for the various vegetables (including all fresh salads) applied the GLOBAL GAP system of references, the aim being to exceed 90% in 2014. Similarly, as a definition of Florette’s requirements, the LEAF system of references will be applied to 10% of the areas producing the various types of prepared salad (including watercress and young shoots) in 2014.

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