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Fruits frais prédécoupés

Les enfants préfèrent les fruits frais prédécoupés à la cantine

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A CSR approach


Getting involved is one of our main corporate priorities.

The Florette Group is fully aware of its responsibilities and impact from field to plate.

Our staff share this awareness and contribute remove to Group objectives, accomplishments and results in terms of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Day in day out, all Florette employees are dedicated to doing what they can in support of sustainable agriculture, which includes encouraging our producers to adopt sustainable farming practices.

Our fresh salads, vegetables and all raw produce

are sourced from farms operating with a bona fide sustainable agriculture system. For Florette, such commitments result in real action: a measurement methodology aimed at minimising our carbon footprint, plus a strategy targeting the LEAF/Global GAP certification on behalf of our producers who are pursuing sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming and production with appropriate phytosanitary practices.

Actively supporting and promoting the vegetable production sector is another high-priority Group objective:

  • Through practicing Fair and Equitable trade, specifically in establishing contracts that guarantee a minimum 3-year or longer-term viability for our suppliers;
  • Through encouraging and sharing Best Practices with our suppliers;
  • Through supporting and training "market gardeners" and farmers.

Florette is committed to supporting local and national charities. In 2014, in France Florette offered 22 tonnes of finished products to different associations such as Secours Populaire, Restos du Coeur, food banks... 

Ready-to-eat fresh prepared salads and vegetables, prepared and delivered according to an environmentally responsible process

On a daily basis, the Florette Group strives to :

  • Limit the direct impact of its production on the environment, as regards carbon emissions, energy consumption and natural resources;
  • Mitigate the environmental impact of its packaging (eco-responsible packaging);
  • Reduce all types of waste in targeting a "zero waste" objective at the disposal site. To achieve this goal, the vegetable Agrial division recycles 88% of its waste in animal feeding and contributes to 70% of waste water treatment;
  • Continuously improve food quality and safety through enhancing not only its production processes but farming and distribution practices as well. In 2014, Florette dedicated 8% of total investment in environmental risk, fire and pollution prevention.

"Feeling Good" at Florette, out in the world, with others…

Human relationship and personal development are two main topics for Florette.

Florette group is really engaged concerning varied employment opportunities and staff development.

  • In 2014, 1950 training hours about prevention in Lessay.
  • An in-house training center was created by Florette Food Service France with 17 trainers and 90 mentors.
  • Florette develops partnership with different economic agents involved in handicapped people working. In 2014, 13 handicapped employees were hired in Mâcon.

Florette is an active working platform for young people reaching opportunities. The group motivates the international labour mobility and develops partnership with universities and schools.