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Nutritional qualities


It is well known that eating vegetables is good for your health, but did you know that public authorities the world over recommend their consumption? At the global level, the FAO (Food Agricultural Organisation) and WHO (World Health Organisation) suggest consuming at least 400 grams a day. The benefits of vegetables are due to their inherent nutriments and low energy content.

But what makes vegetables good for human health?

Thanks to their contents of fibres, vitamins and minerals, vegetables successfully play a protective role. Benefits can be witnessed in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases1, certain types of cancers1 and even problems of obesity1 and diabetes1.

Nonetheless, today's consumption levels lie below the good health recommendations, especially among young adults (18-29 year-olds)2. This trend is also observed in neighbouring European countries3.

If I want to add vegetables to my diet, which form should I choose?

Vegetables can presently be found in a wide variety of forms: fresh, frozen, canned, cooked, to name a few. We should point out that the more a product has been transformed, the fewer initial qualities it is able to retain. That being said, ready-to-eat fresh vegetables are among the best forms, provided they have been refrigerated and are consumed quickly. Vegetables are the only food category not associated with a consumption quantity limitation, meaning their enjoyment can last as long as you like! Florette's product line makes it easy to add fresh vegetables to your food intake in complete safety. Bear in mind that the Use by Date appearing on the bag has been accurately calculated by our team to guarantee you a healthy, appealing and delicious product under continuously refrigerated conditions.

Fresh vegetables!

At Florette, we propose fresh vegetables, selected straight from the field for optimal quality and then sorted again upon delivery. They are washed, rinsed and spun dry before being bagged. Since vegetables remain alive after harvesting, we keep them fresh for a longer period by controlling their "breathing" thanks to the protective atmosphere built into our bags. In accordance with current regulations, no additives or preservatives are ever included. The only ingredient in our salad bags is fresh green salad!

In conclusion, Florette's products are fresh vegetables selected by a certified team and ready to be consumed.


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2 Source ENNS study, 2006
3 Source Data compiled EFSA 2010