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Human resources



At Florette, we feel that each staff member is a pivotal link in the chain of collective success. Effective management of the company's human resources (HR) is the foundation of our sustainable performance.

HR teams take part in an array of missions: personnel administration and payroll, employee relations, workplace organisation, recruitment, skills monitoring and development, and internal communications, among others.

In close coordination with managers, HR teams are dedicated to creating a working environment in which all 3,600 staff members can fully express their multiple talents.




In close collaboration with producers and suppliers and in the spirit of building partnerships, Purchasing teams are critical to the company's overall economic performance as well as to the growth of European subsidiaries.

Their day-to-day role helps forge sustainable relations, which serve to safeguard our quality, competitiveness and innovation, through a continual search for the best raw produce, in terms of quality and freshness, at the lowest cost.

Logistics / Supply Chain



The Supply Chain, a relatively new yet very strategic function in today's competitive market, operates as a multi-departmental unit within the Group.

It anticipates, organises and supervises material flows in order to efficiently transport products to their intended customers, remove from production zones to places of consumption.

At Florette, this supply process is carried out just-in-time, which is the expectation given the freshness requirement of our products. The supply chain must satisfy our customers, by ensuring impeccable quality of service while meeting the company's profitability objectives through monitoring and controlling logistics costs.

Marketing - Development - Innovation



The Marketing, Development and Innovation functions are performed at two distinct levels within the Florette organisation: locally, for added proximity to consumers' product awareness; and internationally, for creating synergies wide-ranging products with a broad scope.

Our teams are multidisciplinary and combine members with marketing and R&D backgrounds; they work on group projects that require interacting with all company departments.

Quality and Sustainable Development



The Quality & Sustainable Development missions at Florette extend from field to plate. The functions involved safeguard both the quality and safety of our products.

By working closely with our producers and monitoring their output, these teams can confirm are receiving input in compliance with raw produce standards and appropriate farming practices.

They also operate at our production sites inspecting and verifying compliance with demanding in-house standards for hygiene, quality and performance, in addition to ensuring that we're limiting our environmental impacts to the maximum extent possible.

Since Florette places great emphasis on customer feedback, the Quality and Sustainable Development missions encompass all aspects of customer and consumer relations: from joint product development to measurement of the quality perceived by consumers and to the implementation of associated action plans.




Florette's Sales efforts are intended to develop segments and optimise the presence of our brands within distribution markets.

These efforts rely on three units working both in tandem and in parallel, for which a set of diverse functions have been assembled and whose staff is focused on building partnerships:

  • Field sales teams, overseeing the installation of commercial levers (choice of products, promotion and merchandising) at the point-of-sale level;
  • Major Accounts and managerial categories, responsible for shaping business plans and negotiating their implementation with clients, with the aim of enhancing the exposure and promotion of our product lines;
  • Commercial Management teams, assigned to streamline the exchange of commercial and administrative information.

Industrial applications



In close touch and constant contact with our production plants, the industrial team provides its expertise in tweaking and further developing production activities as part of an ongoing improvement process. Along these lines, the team regularly updates its database of best practices on methods, equipment and performance in striving for perfection.

The industrial unit also contributes to building an industry-oriented vision of working with vegetables and the corresponding plant operations and processes, with the goal of providing Florette with a sustainable competitive edge.

Ultimately, Florette's industrial branch is called upon by all staff responsible for optimising the ergonomics, safety and regularity of plant inputs and outputs in order to guarantee our product quality.