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Fruits frais prédécoupés

Les enfants préfèrent les fruits frais prédécoupés à la cantine

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A quality approach


At Florette, we strive to develop high-quality products for the entire family. Our Quality and Food Safety policy has been built around strict and internationally recognised control systems applied throughout production stages and at every single one of our sites.

Food safety

All Florette sites are compliant with certification processes (IFS and BRC in particular), attesting to the quality and safety of our products, with the exception of the Torreilles facility (where solely IFS is in place). Moreover, Florette actively participates in compiling the Guide of Best Hygiene Practices for the profession, as a step towards guaranteeing the healthiest assortment of products. Each of the company's facilities also features its own well-honed control plan, derived from a codified risk analysis (according to the HACCP system) and constant sanitary oversight of our entire product line.

Plants and vegetables are extremely fragile ingredients that we handle carefully and expeditiously to ensure they remain appealing and fresh by the time they reach your plate. We're always seeking to improve machinery in the aim of reducing energy costs associated with our products while preserving their quality. As such, some of our greens are washed using shower systems that consume less water than conventional vegetable baths ('New Clean' system, patent filed by Florette).

Controls throughout the production chain

Florette is dedicated to outputting a top-of-the-line green salad. Initial controls naturally take place on the farm, then our experts will re-examine the produce once it arrives at the Florette facilities.

Each step along the way, Florette insists on offering its consumers nothing short of optimal quality and safety. All production sites employ a team of specialists to monitor compliance with food safety rules as well as consumer satisfaction, according to a set of benchmark indicators shared across the Group.

The various types of Florette controls

At Florette, consumer safety and vegetables freshness are our joint priorities and necessitate a wide array of controls, namely:

  • raw ingredients: maturity, colour, freshness, size, etc.
  • temperature: premises, product storage, lorry transport and the water in contact with produce
  • finished products: quality, freshness
  • bacteriological considerations: products, premises, equipment and personnel.

Out of concern over offering sanitary protection and good taste, we're always establishing and verifying, through systematic testing practices, the Expiration Dates for all products.


Traceability refers to the ability to recover, for a given product, the historical record of all steps in its evolution and the origin of its components. Florette traces not only its produce but its packaging as well, with systems introduced to very quickly detail the status of each batch of raw ingredients and finished products.

Traceability begins even before produce enters our facilities, thanks to an identification process carried out by suppliers: we know the exact parcel where each of our ingredients was grown. As members of the Agrial cooperative, Florette works hand in hand with its producers and requests all of them be certified Global Gap, which is based on both the HACCP method (rigorous analysis and management of health-related risks) and the LEAF sustainable agriculture recognition. Committed to protecting the environment, Florette has added the Global Gap certificate to its specifications regarding suppliers' growing practices: harvesting plants at the right maturity and at their peak of freshness.

Ever closer to its customers

At Florette, we pay close attention to consumers' comments in order to enhance your appreciation at all times. Since culinary habits vary from one country to another, we conduct consumer satisfaction testing to offer products that best suit your tastes.