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tropheesagro_normandie.jpgAgri-food trophies

 Launched in 2006 by the Normandy Regional Chamber of Agriculture, the Agri-food Trophy rewards innovative companies in Normandy who stand out by the quality and originality of their products. It is designed to encourage innovation and dynamism in regional companies.




The Fresh Herbs Range in resealable containers was awarded the Innovation Trophy in 2013.









The Créaline aperitif tray was awarded the Innovation Trophy in 2014.

The “Innovation” award was presented to Créaline for the innovative nature of its projects, for the research work carried out in association with schools and, on a broader scale, for its constantly drive for innovation.



saveur_anne_2014.jpgFlavours of the year 2014


Get to know the Florette Ciboulail (Garlic chive), a new fresh herb variety with a delicious, slightly garlicky taste that brings a touch of originality to all your recipes! It can also be added to salads, rice, pasta, etc. Bon appetit!





Made from 100% natural ingredients, Créaline vegetable soups contain no additives or preservatives. Inspired by home-made soups, they are prepared in a pot using a slow cooking process. Packed in recyclable bottles, Créaline soups are available from the Fresh Product shelves in French hypermarkets and supermarkets. 





Three delicious vegetable purees made from fresh vegetables, steam cooked and then blended to ensure practically home-made quality. Free of any additives or conservatives and low on calories, they only take 2 minutes to be reheated in a microwave oven. Made in Normandy, Créaline purees are available from the Fresh Product shelves in French hypermarkets and supermarkets.