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Les enfants préfèrent les fruits frais prédécoupés à la cantine

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Our history


  • 2017

    Florette continue son développement au UK


    Acquisition de My Fresh Prepared Produce Ltd, acteur de la 4ème gamme au Royaume-Uni qui permet à Florette de renforcer et développer ses positions sur les marchés de la GMS et de la restauration.

  • 2016

    • Acquisition d'AXGRO FOODS Ltd

    • Acquisition du concept Les Toqués du Fruit


    Acquisition d'AXGRO FOODS Ltd

    Spécialisée dans les betteraves prêtes à consommer, Axgro Foods permet à Florette de diversifier son portefeuille produits au Royaume-Uni et en Irlande.

    Les toqués du fruit .jpg

    Acquisition du concept Les Toqués du Fruit

    Avec cette acquisition, Florette étend son portefeuille produits en intégrant à sa gamme des produits à base de fruits destinés à la préparation de dessert.

  • 2015

    Launch of Florette in Danemark


    Joint-Venture agreement with Lammefjords Grønt (DLG Group), to sell Florette products on Food Service first, and then in BtoC.

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  • 2014

    Growth of Florette Food Service France.


    To meet the specific needs of Food Service, Florette invests in the Torreilles (65) site to improve service to its customers. 

  • 2013

    Acquires 5ème Saison, Crudi and Sogesol


    Florette acquires Bakkavor’s 4th Range business in France and Spain. The French Group expands its expertise into fruit, salad meals and products for the Out of Home and commercial catering to complement its offering which, until this point, was sold through mass distribution channels.

  • 2011

    LEAF certification.


    Obtains LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) certification.

  • 2009

    Acquires SALAD’S TO GO in the UK.


    Florette consolidates its operations on the other side of the Channel. 

  • 2008

    • Merger of Florette and Créaline

    • Acquisition of the Spanish company Tallo Verde.


    Merger of Florette and Créaline

    Located at Lessay in the Manche département, Créaline has been producing and selling fresh purees and soups for more than 20 years.  


    Acquisition of the Spanish company Tallo Verde.

    Tallo Verde brings Florette a 4,500 m² production plant at Noblejas, south of Madrid. With this acquisition, Florette now has three production plants in Spain - thereby consolidating its position as leader in the Iberian market.  

  • 2007

    • Acquisition of the Swiss company Müller

    • Florette Agricola set up


    Acquisition of the Swiss company Müller

    Florette becomes established in Switzerland close to Zürich, bringing it closer to its consumers and customers.  


    Florette Agricola set up

    Florette invests in and develops its "Florette Agricola" farm in Spain to have high-quality fresh salad produced close to Florette Ibérica.

  • 2005

    Florette ITALIA set up.


    Florette’s internationalization continues with the creation of Florette ITALIA sarl Production gets local with a site close to Milan. 

  • 2004

    The 5th Florette site opens at Cambrai


    Close to the Belgian border, Florette opens its 5th site at Cambrai in the Nord-Pas-de Calais region. This site is devoted to supplying consumers in the North of France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. It serves a potential market of 70 million consumers within a range of 300 km.

  • 2002

    Florette Ibérica launches Florette.


    Florette Ibérica launches the brand in Spain and Portugal.

  • 2001

    Acquisition of the leading Spanish company in the sector, Vega Mayor.


    In July 2001, the Florette Group acquires the leading Spanish Ready-to-use Vegetable producer, VEGA MAYOR, selling to Spanish and Portuguese markets since 1989. VEGA MAYOR has control of its own agricultural production company, Pentaflor. Florette is so pleased with Pentaflor’s performance that it renames the company Florette Agricola in 2007, setting it the objective of being Florette’s “best supplier”.

    The new MILAGRO plant in Navarre begins operating in March 2001.

    The Spanish company becomes “Florette Ibérica".  

  • 1999

    Florette sets up in the United Kingdom


    After an adventure which took the Florette team as far as Australia, the Florette management, confident in their expertise and with the backing of a firmly established brand, crosses the Channel to set up their first site outside France, in Lichfield (UK).

    Our products are also exported to Italy via the site in Provence.  

  • 1996

    A second certification

    Florette is awarded ISO 9001 certification, ensuring that all its activities associated with Florette, from product design right through to their sale, meet customers’ quality demands. This is the first time anywhere in the world that a company in the Ready-to-use Vegetables sector has obtained this certification.

  • 1994

    Quality certification

    Quality-control is one of Florette’s strongest points. On 9 February 1994, both our production sites earn ISO 9002 quality certification.  

  • 1991

    A second site opened in Provence


    In view of the success enjoyed by the Florette salads, the company needs to open a second site to serve the south of France and be closer to its consumers. Florette decides to locate this new plant at l’Isle sur La Sorgue, in Provence.

    1991 also sees the first exports to the UK and Benelux countries. 

  • 1987

    Creation of the Florette brand


    The Florette brand is introduced, a name destined to make a powerful impression on French hearts and minds. In May 1987, the Lessay (50) plant begins producing ready-to-use fresh vegetable products.  

  • 1985

    Joined a Normandy cooperative


    The company soon attracts the interest of the local farming cooperative, the CASAM,

    which subsequently became AGRIAL, the 6th largest farming and agri-food cooperative in France. Florette is therefore not backed by pension funds or financiers, but by farmers. Some 200 vegetable growers and producers belong to the cooperative. The company then changed its name to SOLECO (Société Légumière du Cotentin – The Cotentin Vegetable Company).

  • 1983

    A family company set up in Normandy

    With a pioneering spirit, Emile Ryckeboer, a market gardener at Geffosses in the Manche (50) French département, sets up his family company SARL RYCKEBOER with the aim of producing ready-to-use fresh vegetables.