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Florette, an innovative and successful agri-food company

Successful agri food company

An innovative agri-food company

Since its creation in 1983 by Emile Ryckeboer, a market gardener from la Manche, the agri-food company, Florette has pursued its objective of developing its offer of ready-to-eat fresh vegetables. Rich in history spanning several decades, today, the Florette brand has become the symbol of an innovative agri-food company, capable of revolutionizing the world of fresh vegetables. Equipped with its own Innovation division which brings together Marketing, Research and Development teams, the company is committed to developing new services and products in its specialized field. Florette responds to the needs and expectations of end consumers and professionals in the food and catering industries. As examples of the numerous innovations developed by the agri-food company during the last few years: the fresh vegetable snack platters, ready washed fresh herbs, baby carrots, resealable sachets, bi-packs for conserving freshness of our salads, ready salad meals with hot or cold mix-in ingredients, freshly-cut fruits and vegetables of the ‘Fraîcheur Florette’ range. 

A successful agri-food group

At Florette, innovation would be nothing without performance. The main figures of the agri-food group alone are enough to demonstrate the excellent performance of Florette in Europe. Each day, more than 2 million sachets of fresh vegetables leave the agri-food company’s production sites. What’s more, implanted in the four corners of Europe, the agri-food group has opted for a matrix organization for managing production. Local businesses have greater autonomy within this structure while sharing the same goal which is to offer practical, healthy food products to the greatest number of people.