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Florette food quality

Food safety and quality

Florette food quality


For the Florette agri-food group, food quality is the guiding principle applied by the whole of its collaborators. From plantation of fruits and vegetables to the final serving on a consumer’s plate, the company places great importance in controlling the level of quality of its products. To achieve this quality, the group works by a double policy. Firstly, by committing to a reinforcement of quality controls and secondly, by developing its own Innovation division in order to optimize the quality of its ready-to-eat lettuces and vegetables. Ultimately, consumer satisfaction is always the best indicator of the quality of Florette products. 


Florette food safety


In order to guarantee the safety of its products, the Florette company has set up a rigorous control system, recognized on the international scene. Indeed, certification such as IFS and BRS attest the agri-food group’s conformity of production sites to health and safety standards. Ripeness, colour, freshness and size of raw materials are constantly evaluated. Bacteriological analyses of products, sites, equipment and staff are also carried out. Working with a number of producers, the Florette group demands that producers possess Global Cap certification, which incorporates both the HACCP method (analysis and management of health risks) and LEAF certification which attests the producers’ commitment to sustainable farming.