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Florette and fresh salads… two inseparable terms

Florette and fresh salads

The company’s commitment to produce fresh salads and vegetables

If one could only use a single word to describe the Florette company, it would, no doubt be the word “freshness”. Established in the ready-to-eat vegetables sector, the Florette company has indeed, chosen to give primary importance to the freshness of its salad and vegetables in order to stand out from its competitors. For the consumer, this positioning is felt in the plate via the tasting of a fresh, ready-to-eat salad or other vegetable sold by the brand. To buy a salad or vegetable preparation by Florette is ensuring that you open a product whose quality and freshness has been verified during every stage of the production chain. The agri-food group doesn’t allow any finished product to leave its production sites if it doesn’t comply with every standard for freshness. 

A fresh salad in all seasons

Thanks to a network of producers found in the four corners of Europe, today, Florette is able to propose fresh salads in sachets all year round, in all seasons. However, this doesn’t mean that the company has opted for production techniques which are incompatible with its vision. At Florette, agriculture is first and foremost about sustainable farming, the company is eco-responsible and driven by the commitment to limit impact on the environment. Growers who collaborate with the Florette brand for fresh salads have the duty of setting the example concerning respect for the environment, for this too, contributes to the freshness of Florette salad, fruit and vegetables.