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Fruits frais prédécoupés

Les enfants préfèrent les fruits frais prédécoupés à la cantine

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Florette, a company which values agri-food jobs

Agri food jobs Florette

«Just-in-Time” agri-food jobs» 

The entire value chain of the company works to deliver fresh products to its end consumers and customers every time. It’s a race against the clock which illustrates the collaborative and cooperative approach adopted by all employees to ensure that products are ‘just-in-time’. This ambition is seen as part of all the agri-food jobs proposed by Florette, no matter which department of the company.
Operational excellence is at the heart of the Florette spirit for providing access to healthy and practical foods, directed more towards vegetables and produced with respect for the environment. 


Measures to encourage well-being in agri-food jobs

Often seen as, with good reason, an innovative company, Florette, has been one of the first agri-food groups to value jobs in the agri-food sector. The specialist in ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables gives great importance to human relations and personal development within the company. Each year, Florette, provides nearly 2,000 hours of training and names almost one hundred mentors for work posts. Partnerships, aid for entering the employment market for disabled people, aid for international mobility are also some of Florette’s commitments to encourage the well-being of its employees and collaborators.