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Fruits frais prédécoupés

Les enfants préfèrent les fruits frais prédécoupés à la cantine

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Florette, a company which strives for healthy snacking

Fresh vegetables for healthy snack

Florette snacks : vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables

Very popular with children, as well as, adults, snacking has revolutionized our relationship with food. In order to avoid snacking on sugary, salty products or products not recommended for health, Florette, has entered the healthy snack market with its fresh vegetables. Today, the specialist company in ready-to-eat vegetables and salads offers a range of platters and sachets in line with the principles of the “snack”: ready-to-eat, practical to eat and tasty. The Florette snack platters (plateau apéro), Baby carrots sachets and salad meals are also an invitation to enjoy a quick lunch break without sacrificing the nutritional intake necessary for good health.

A healthy and fresh snack

With many of the competitors of the Florette brand, the « ready-to-eat » concept of snacking is often transformed into bland and wilted-looking food preparations. At Florette, the freshness of the vegetables is one of the major criteria of the creation of healthy snacks in terms of nutritional aspects. In order to provide consumers with practical, healthy foods, Florette has developed several tests throughout its production chain: quality control of primary materials, bacteriological testing, temperature controls of premises and transport vehicles, etc… However, Florette relies especially on a network of local producers who share the same vision, that of producing quality vegetables and respecting the environment. Florette healthy snacks are a result of this insistence on quality and freshness of our fruit and vegetables.