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Job offers in the agri-food sector

Are you seeking a job in the agri-food sector ? Florette has numerous job offers in a growth sector animated by values such as, operational excellence, innovation and international development. Recruitment in the agri-food sector includes a number of distinct professions, from human resources management to finance, to industry, marketing and innovation. Florette proposes agri-food jobs that are fulfilling and evolutionary for its different business units in France, United Kingdom and Spain, in particular.

At Florette, the training of our collaborators is a constant preoccupation via both, internal and external training programs. From day to day, our employees cultivate their team spirit, creativity and open dialogue for constant innovation to serve the well-being and health of our customers. 

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Date Position Field Place
11/20/2017 Un(e) Assistant(e) Administratif(ve) H/F Quality control France, Caluire-et-Cuire (Rhône (69))
11/17/2017 Un(e) Stagiaire ingénieur Agroalimentaire H/F Marketing, development and innovation France, Lessay (Manche (50))
11/03/2017 Un(e) Conducteur(rice) de ligne H/F Industrial applications France, Lessay (Manche (50))
11/02/2017 Un(e) Stagiaire Environnement H/F Quality control France, Toreilles (Pyrénées-Orientales (66))
10/31/2017 Un(e) Juriste en Droit Social H/F Human resources France, Caluire-et-Cuire (Rhône (69))
10/30/2017 2 Techniciens(ennes) de Maintenance H/F Industrial applications France, Cambrai (Nord (59))
10/30/2017 Un(e) Préparateur(trice) de commandes H/F - Créaline Industrial applications France, Lessay (Manche (50))
10/27/2017 Un(e) Technicien(ne) de Maintenance Expérimenté(e) H/F - Créaline Industrial applications France, Lessay (Manche (50))
10/27/2017 Stages en Usine - Créaline Industrial applications France, Lessay (Manche (50))
10/26/2017 Un(e) Responsable de Secteur Régional RHD H/F - Créaline Sales France, Grand Ouest
10 job offers out of 35