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Van Oers United Agrial joined the Vegetables division


Agrial group announced July 15th, 2015 the acquisition of Van Oers United through its vegetables subsidiary Priméale.

Van Oers United is a Dutch family-owned group specialized in the production, packaging and marketing of open field and greenhouse vegetables: green beans, Brussels sprouts, spring onions, round radishes, sweet corn, cucumbers, peppers...

Headquartered in Ridderkerk (Netherlands) near Rotterdam, the group achieved a turnover of € 245 million in 2014 to northern European markets: the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium, UK. The company employs more than 7,000 people.

Van Oers United has its own farm production sites in the Netherlands in Morocco and Senegal, and thus allow the group to secure year-round product availability of vegetables.

Van Oers United's operations are highly complementary to the current activities of the branch Agrial Vegetables: products and markets ranges.

The two companies share a strong agricultural upstream of sustainable operational excellence and quality values, and a strong international presence.

Van Oers United will be integrated within Priméale after approval of the transaction by the competition regulators.

This acquisition enables Agrial Group to generate more than half of its vegetable business in international market and to become one of the biggest European players in the fresh vegetables market.