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Salad specialist helps consumers find what they want, buy what they need, and use what they buy 

With research showing over a third of bagged salad wasted at home, it is hardly surprising that the category has found itself at the centre of the food waste debate.

With negative stories in the press, it is clear wastage is a key barrier to purchase and is damaging consumer perceptions. With the path to growth being one that must inspire consumers to increase their frequency of purchase, it is evident that this is a barrier to overcome.

Salad specialist Florette is tackling the issue of in-home wastage head on. In a radical move, it is changing how it talks to consumers about salad usage and reveals its plans to unlocked potential for increasing leafy prepared salad growth.

Following the results of specially-commissioned consumer insight, Florette got to work on a response that would enable it to solve the wastage issue and inject growth into the leafy prepared salad category. 

The result:

Florette has announced its biggest-ever overhaul of how it packages its leafy bagged salad portfolio, to help shoppers find the right amount of bagged salad, so that they buy what they need and use all that they buy.

After intensive qualitative and quantitative research into consumer attitudes, purchase intent and pricing over a six month period, the outcome is the creation of a new, simpler range blueprint that will see pack sizes and prices change for key SKUs.

The new sizes and proportionate reductions in price use consumer language to offer greater clarity on the number of portions within each bag, to help consumers buy the right amount of product to meet their needs, therefore reducing in-home wastage.

Replacing ambiguous ‘serving numbers’ with pictures of salad portions on plates provides a new, clearer indication of how many platefuls, side portions and handfuls of product are contained within each bag.

These tangible and understandable portion indicators makes it easier for shoppers to judge how much product is in each bag, which informs how much they need to buy to suit their needs.

In addition, thanks to a packaging re-design, the brand will also be providing shoppers with greater clarity in the way it communicates flavour delivery and recipe inspiration on-pack. This will help shoppers identify and buy what they want, and will motivate shoppers to be more creative with their salad by being better informed about the products they buy.


The changes are designed to not only help reduce wastage in the home, but to also increase the impact and appeal of Florette products on-shelf and make range navigation easier, whilst generating strong standout.

Neil Sanderson, managing director of Florette, explains: “Shoppers are telling us they want to find what they want easily, in order to buy what they need, and then use what they buy. We are responding responsibly to the desire for reduced wastage and making shopping for salads easier by optimising the pack sizes and prices of our key products.

“It is important to emphasise this not about reducing pack size at the same price, but about changing both pack size and price in proportion to meet consumer needs better.

“Live market trials undertaken with retailers have driven unit sales by over 20%, so we know that this optimisation not only tackles consumer demand for reduced wastage of bagged salad, but also increases the demand for our products by increasing purchase frequency, thus helping to drive category growth.

“With the new consumer-friendly packaging having the potential to deliver even more benefits, growth worth in excess of £8million RSP could be achieved.”


News of the new range blueprint comes at the same time as Florette’s biggest-ever marketing investment, which will see the company spend £6million on TV, digital and social activity in 2015.

The marketing activity supports the brand’s drive to reduce wastage, grow the leafy prepared salad category and build brand loyalty amongst consumers by communicating innovative and inspirational ways for consumers to use the salad they buy and therefore gain greater enjoyment out of it.


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